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New Client Registration

South Port Day Links provides services to older people, people with a disability and their carers. We can support people who are outside our main client group for short-term assistance due to an unexpected injury or other related health concerns. This is managed on a case by case basis.

The DayLinks service does not transport people in a wheelchair; we are unable to transport people under the age of 25.

We can support people who use wheelie walkers who can access the DayLinks service.

To be eligible for our services you need to be a resident of the City of Port Phillip.

Clients requesting a service aged under 65 years do not need to be registered with My Aged Care are able to access the services offered by SPDL if they: - 

  • Because of frailty, chronic ill-health, injury or the ageing process have limited opportunities for social connections.
  • Have a physical intellectual or psychiatric disability and are not registered on and receiving services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
  • Are unable to access mainstream public transport because of geographical isolation.
  • Are living at home, in rental accommodation, living with family, in a boarding house or special accommodation house.
  • Have a temporary medical condition and who may require service for a short period of time.

My Aged Care

If you are 65 years of age or over you need to be registered with My Aged Care to access our services or if you are already registered with My Aged Care, please contact SPDL so we can explain how you can access our services through My Aged Care. 

If you decide to contact My Aged Care to access our services you need to make it clear that South Port Day Links is you preferred provider. 

Options for assessment are detailed below.

1. By Phone

You can ring SPDL directly on 9646 6362 to make a time for us to contact you to conduct an over the phone assessment with you or to discuss access through My Aged Care.

2. By Mail

Alternatively, you can download and print a copy of the form, manually complete it, post it to us at: -

South Port Day Links, P.O. Box 199 Port Melbourne 3207

To complete the form manually click on the link: New Client Expression of Interest Form

Once we receive the form we will contact you. 

3. On Line Expression of Interest Form

Complete the online form below and forward via the web and we will be in contact with you. 

We will do our very best within 3 working days to respond to your expression of interest to access our service from receiving your enquiry.

Expression of Interest Form - On Line

If you are interested in accessing any of our services please complete the online client expression of interest form below and press the submit button. Questions with a red asterisk must be answered for the form to be submitted.

SPDL will do it's very best to contact you within 3 working days to respond to your expression of interest to access our service once we have received it from you online.

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  • Surname (Family Name) *
  • Email (If you have one)
  • Home Address *
  • Suburb *
  • Postal Code *
  • Telephone (Home) *
  • Mobile Number
    Example: 0412 657 123
  • Are you on an Aged or Disability Pension? *
  • What is your date of birth? *
    Example: 10/08/1950
  • Are you aged under 65 years of age? *
  • Are You Registered with My Aged Care *
  • If Yes what is your My Aged Registration Number *
  • Which services are you interested in registering for? *
  • Can you explain the reason for contacting us? *
    Example: You are in need of the DayLinks (Transport) service because you are unable to drive.
  • Were you referred by an agency to South Port Day Links? *
  • Name the agency that referred you to us and any contact details you have?
    Complete if answered yes to previous question, example name of the agency, person who refered you, phone number
  • How did you find out about South Port Day Links?
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