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What the Community is Saying About Us

We let the community speak for us, below are testimonials from our volunteers, clients, local organisations and businesses who know the value and the difference our services make to our community.

  • Ivy Moyle - Client for over 15 years

    Ivy, a local Port Phillip resident, has been using the DayLinks service for over 15 years.

    As she says, the difference the Daylinks service has made to her life is simple, "I would never get out without them" and she finds the "Volunteers to be polite and helpful".

  • Cr Bernadine Voss Mayor - City of Port Phillip

    The City of Port Phillip greatly values the assistance that South Port DayLinks provides to some of our older and vulnerable residents. Thanks to the efforts of SPDL, these residents can retain their independence by staying at home longer.

    The trained volunteer drivers, who are part of the expanded DayLinks transport service, also offer a lifeline for many of their passengers by getting them to appointments and    social events. The benefits of a connected community are many and we wish SPDL well as it continues to provide these important services.

  • Simone Jamieson - Community Development Co-ordinator, Elwood/ St. Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre Inc.


    We’ve been in partnership with SPDL for nearly two years and I find our relationship to be strong and professional. The staff at SPDL are very diligent and great communicators.

    Everything has worked out perfectly.

  • Beris Campbell OAM - SPDL Founder

    As the founding inspiration for SPDL, I read with pride and enormous satisfaction about  DayLinks’s achievements each year.  DayLinks just keeps getting bigger and  bigger, and better and better!

    Back in the mid-1980s we set out to develop a model for coordinating day activities and creating options for residents in the HACC target groups in Port and South Melbourne.  We reckoned there were lots of activities and opportunities already happening and available, people just needed to know what was out there and then be able to get there! 

    In our original material, we wrote:  DayLinks exists to link people with their local community. It’s important to everyone to go out, mix with people, shop or go to the doctor.  But for some people, it’s very difficult.  Day Links aims to make it easier.

    And that’s exactly what DayLinks has done and much, much more.  DayLinks certainly achieved its goal of creating ‘a model for coordinating day activities and creating options’ but it has also proved to be a truly ‘community strengthening’ project. DayLinks engages people from all walks of life; new residents to the area and old residents; young people and older folk; people from different cultures; people with a huge variety of skills and abilities and allows everyone to give to each other and make Port Phillip a better place!  How good is that!

    Well done to everyone involved and keep up the good work for years to come!

  • Carolyn Williams - Reception Volunteer 1 Year

    Carolyn has been a Reception Volunteer with SPDL for 1 year now. New to Port Melbourne in 2015 she started volunteering at SPDL to meet her new community and to make a real difference as a volunteer.

    Carolyn really enjoys her volunteer role, "it's great, I enjoy it very much. I know talking to the local residents just how much it means to them to be able to get out of the house and do the things that most of us just take for granted, social isolation is a horrible thing".

  • Ashley Thomas - Volunteer Driver

    Ashley has been a volunteer driver with SPDL for over 5 years, in that time he has made a huge difference to the community by transporting people so they can maintain everyday living and remain socially connected.

    In his own words, he enjoys his volunteer role because "I can make a real difference and give back to my local community, I enjoy driving, chatting to the local residents and I know they appreciate being able to get out and about, able to maintain their independence".

  • Alistair Cook - Branch Manager South Melbourne Bendigo Bank

    “Bendigo Bank South Melbourne is a proud supporter of South Port Day Links, they provide a stable service within the City of Port Philip to their clients so they can maintain their sense of independence and remain mobile. We look forward to continuing our relationship so the organisation can grow".

  • Melanie Chan - Reception Volunteer for 3 Years

    I really enjoy volunteering at SPDL, I always feel I make a real difference when I come to volunteer. It was not until I got to know our clients that I learnt how important our service is in keeping people connected and how lonely they feel cut off from the world unable to get out.

    That’s where DayLinks makes such a huge difference, it allows older people to live their lives independently and stay connected to their community.

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