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What are the Personal Benefits of Being an SPDL Volunteer 

  • You can make a positive contribution to social inclusion, by supporting older people and people with a disability and those who care for them, to remain connected to their community.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to connect, meet new people from different backgrounds and build a stronger sense of community understanding. 
  • Expand your personal skills, experience and knowledge.
  • Give back to your community at a local level in a way that makes a hands-on difference to people's lives.
  • Improve your personal outlook as research indicates people who volunteer are happier and healthier in being able to make a real difference.

SPDL Volunteers Make a Difference

SPDL volunteers make a real difference to people lives by providing support to individuals to remain independent and connected to their community through the various services SPDL provides to the residents in the City of Port Phillip. Reducing the personal sense of socal isolation for older people and people with a disability, which has been demonstrated to cause people to lose their sense of confidence, reducing their phisical mobility and personal sense of wellbeing.

SPDL Volunteer Roles

The volunteer roles SPDL offers include: -

DayLinks Volunteer Drivers - provide a local door to door transport to our clients who reside within the City of Port Phillip, using an SPDL standard motor vehicle. Volunteers need to be available a minimum of one-half day per week and need to undergo a driving assessment.

Download DayLinks Position Description (Community Driver)

Reception Volunteers - Reception volunteers take transport bookings from DayLinks clients and general inquiries. Enter the bookings into our transport booking system and support volunteer drivers while on the road with information to complete their transport shift efficiently. They also help in the office by completing general administration duties. Volunteers need to be available at least one-half day per week, have good customer service and basic computer skills.

Download Receptionist Position Description

GardenMates - volunteers provide support to older people to maintain their gardens, the volunteer is matched with a suitable client, the role is to also encourage the older person to participate in gardening if they are able. Volunteers need to be available in a couple of hours per month; the role can be undertaken during the week or at weekends.

Download GardenMate Position Description

PetMates - volunteers can undertake dog walking, animal, and foster care, to support an older person who is finding it difficult to care for their pet. The volunteer is matched with the older person and the agreed role and availability are negotiated.

Download Dog Walker Position Description

Please Note: This is a very popular area of volunteer interest and there is quite often a waiting list of volunteers who would like to join the PetLinks team, therefore we cannot always confirm that we can give you a volunteer position in this program.

Walkmates - volunteers provide support to older people to gain exercise by being a walking companion, volunteers are matched with the older person, the frequency and level of support required by the volunteer in the role are negotiated.

Download WalkMates Position Description

Committee of Management and Sub-Committees - opportunities to join the committee of management or a subcommittee are available, you can join a subcommittee without being a member of the committee of management. 

Download for more information about the role of the SPDL committee of management member.

SPDL Sub-Committees include: (Download below for more information about SPDL Sub-Committees) 

Selection for the Committee of Managment or Subcommittees is based on personal skills, background and what an individual believes they can contribute. An interview with a committee of management member is required. To find out more click the link Committee of Management or Subcommittee, email SPDL by clicking the email address info@spdl.org.au or contact the SPDL office directly on 9646 6362 to discuss what is involved.

Once Off Projects - you may be interested in supporting SPDL through completing a once-off project. We welcome ideas about how people believe they could share their knowledge and skills to support SPDL with a once off project, we are always open to meeting and discussing the opportunities. 

Student Placements - SPDL welcomes students who may be interested in undertaking their on-site training placement with us, if you are interested in undertaking your placement with SPDL please contact us on 9646 6362.

What can I expect as a volunteer and how do I develop my ability to achieve the role?

SPDL volunteers are provided with relevant on the job training, mentoring, orientation and individual support in a friendly supportive informal environment.

There are regular meetings with volunteers, which encourages volunteers to share ideas, experiences, and concerns; social get-togethers; newsletters and opportunities to be involved in the in the local community.

We ensure that you are comfortable and confident to undertake your role as a volunteer.

Volunteer Application Process

If you would like to express your interest in becoming a volunteer with SPDL there are 3 methods by which you complete this.

1. By Phone - Contact SPDL on 9646 6362 to make an appointment with the Volunteer Program Coordinator.

2. Volunteer Application Form - Complete the Volunteer Application Form (link here) and post it to South Port Day Links, P.O. Box 199 Port Melbourne 3207.

3. Online - Complete the online volunteer application form below.

If you apply via application form or online the volunteer Program Coordinator will be in contact with you to make a time to meet with you to discuss your volunteer application. See initial application process below.

Interview - All potential volunteers are required to meet with the Volunteer Program Coordinator to be interviewed to ensure that their skills fit the position description and to explain the requirements of the volunteer role you have applied.

Police Check - People applying to become a volunteer are asked to provide 2 referees and to undergo a police check, to complete the police check we will need you to provide us with 100 points of personal identification.*

Driver Assessment - In the case of the DayLinks or DriverLinks service, interested volunteers need to successfully undertake an independent driver assessment.

Costs - SPDL will cover these costs as a part of the volunteer recruitment and orientation process.

*South Port Day Links is unable to accept volunteers who have a criminal record.

Complete an Online Volunteer Application Form

If you are interested in volunteering in one of the programs offered by South Port Day Links please complete the online volunteer application form below.

Questions with a red asterisk must be answered.

  • Firstname *
  • Surname (Family Name) *
  • Street Address *
  • Suburb *
  • Postal Code *
  • Telephone (Home) *
  • Mobile Number
  • Email
  • What are the best times to contact you? *
  • What age grouping do you fall into?
  • What SPDL program would you prefer to be involved with? *
  • What committee role or special project would you be interested in undertaking with SPDL? (Please state)
  • What languages do you speak?
  • What interests you in becoming a volunteer for SPDL?
  • How did you find out about volunteer opportunities with South Port Day Links *
  • What days and times to volunteer would you be available? *
  • Are you able to help out at short notice?
  • Do you have a car?
  • If you have a car, is it comprehensively insured?
  • Would you be willing to transport other people?
  • Do you need assistance with transport?
  • Is there anything that may affect your ability to be a volunteer in certain circumstances? *
    An example may include a medical condition or disability
  • Name of person to contact in an emergency *
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